From the Office of Virtual CFO part 4 – 5 Signs Your Business Needs Help

Few of us know everything. In fact, most of us need guidance and teaching to help us and our businesses reach the full potential. As a business owner you are responsible for all aspects of managing your business. It is only natural that you will be great in some but not all aspects of running it. This is why smart entrepreneurs know themselves well enough to know which tasks they should delegate (the ones that they don’t enjoy and are not very good at), to whom and when.

A Finance and Business Expert can help you. But many entrepreneurs are reluctant to ask for help. They pride themselves in their ability to “run the show” and “make things happen”. To look confident in front of their staff, investors and potential clients regardless of how they feel inside.

Failure to ask for help when you need it, is not in your best interest or that of your business investors, customers or business partners. This can be a mistake, and the longer you delay making that critical decision, the more costly that mistake can be.

Here are five signs that your business needs help:

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