Community Involvement

Contribute Towards Something That Matters

One of my core values is a positive contribution to the society as Oprah puts it “Your Legacy is Every Life You Touch”. As a successful entrepreneur I  believe it’s about giving back, creating stronger local and global communities and enriching the lives of others.

I have been actively involved in philanthropy since I was a teenager and over the many years I have contributed to many causes through working with local and international organizations that have a long-term commitment to make a positive difference through economic empowerment, social justice and advocacy.

Below are a list of my past community involvements:

  • I was a Board member on The Youth Action Policy Association NSW for the year 2004 – 2005 (voluntary position)
  • I was also a Treasurer for The Liverpool Youth Council from the year 2002 to 2004 where I was responsible for managing the budgets for team projects and individual projects. For the same period, I was also a Councillor, where I addressed issues and sought solutions for problems across various departments such as Transport, Employment, Safety, Facilities and Services for Young people, Environment and Social Harmony.
  • As a councillor I was also involved in: interviewing others for the roles in the Youth Council, Sponsorships, Marketing and Promotion of Local Youth Events, Advocacy, Idea and Creation of Youth Space at Liverpool Library, idea and creation of Kelso Skate Park in Moorebank and various public speaking events.
  • I was the youth representative on The Crime Prevention Committee – whose main motto is to reduce crime and the cost of crime to the local community by implementing crime prevention strategies that involve young people in their communities. As part of this role, I have worked with major stakeholders such as the local governments, the police department, shopping centre owners and local schools.
  • I ran a healthy lifestyle radio program for a local community in Liverpool for the youths aged 12- 24. It was a weekly segment on 89.3FM 2GLF
  • I have also raised awareness and run a major successful petition that saved jobs for essential services of FLYHT – Fairfield Liverpool Youth Health Team. Through a major campaign that was promoted in the local media, I gained community support and advocacy to South Western Area Health service. As part of this campaign, I helped prevent major job cutbacks for this essential service.
  • I was a Youth Ambassador for Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics for which I have received formal recognition certificate from NSW Premier.

Below are the current list of key Not for Profit/ NGO organizations that I support and work with:

  • I am a member of UN Women National Committee Australia, an entity responsible for promoting economic empowerment of Women in the third world countries. Other initiatives include expanding women’s leadership and participation, ending violence against women and making gender equality priorities.
  • I am also a member of NSW Council of Social Service, a peak body for health and community services in NSW for over 80 years. NCOSS works with and for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage in NSW to make positive changes to our community.
  • I am a member of BRAS (Business Relationships at Sunrise), a not for profit organization in the Macarthur region. The organization helps local business women reach their true potential and pass it onto others. Part of that is a successful High School Program that provides students with the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that can assist them in their personal lives and future business aspirations.
  • I also participate in the Annual Vinnies CEO SleepOut either via donations and/or participation in the SleepOut itself. Vinnies CEO SleepOut is a campaign that raises awareness and funds for homeless.

My upcoming philanthropic events are

(check this section for all the events that you can partner with me)

  • Charity Luncheon : We are sponsoring a luncheon at BRAS (business relationships at Sunrise) where all proceeds from the luncheon will be contributed to the local not for profit MacArthur Disability Services.
  • Mentorship : we will also be participating in the BRAS High School Program to mentor local high school girls to pursue careers in the fields of finance and business management.

We welcome the opportunity for individuals, to join forces with us around the world, to contribute towards economic and  social causes