Case Study 4

Helping one of Australia’s leading commercial construction companies and its related group of subsidiaries manage cash flows and monitor compensations claims


Our client, a high revenue commercial construction company, was struggling with cash flow issues and increased levels of workers compensation claims.


For our client, productivity issues resulted in higher levels of staff claiming workers compensation that resulted in higher payouts and increased administrative work.

Apart from the higher payouts, our client also faced cash flow issues where they were unable to meet the regulatory costs as and when they fell due.The client also incurred daily penalties ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 due to the delays in projects.

Overall the client experienced low profit margins due to workers compensation costs, penalties from government for non payment of dues on time, PAYG, taxes etc, daily penalties on projects and more.

Our Difference

  1. I worked with the Tax Office, the Office of State Revenue and the company’s superannuation fund administrators to address compliance issues and negotiate terms that would enable the construction group to grow its business.
  2. My team and I instituted “best practices” to assist the HR team with employment contracts, employee onboarding and terminations.
  3. I introduced cost effective strategies through the introduction of work practices to reduce lost time injury rates, to reduce unplanned absenteeism and excessive alcohol consumption.

Result & ROI

  1. My strategies helped the client significantly reduce the number of claims for workers’ compensation from an average of 2-3 claims per week to less than 1 claim every 6 months.
  2. I also helped the team reduce the number of unfair dismissal claims from an average of 1-2 claims per month to none.